A wee apology!!

Just a wee apology for those who love the English language. Obviously you will be traumatised by now after seeing my several typing/spelling errors. I apologise for your discomfort but of course take absolutely no responsibility for any psychological damage this may have cost you. I put it all down to the excitement of starting a new blog in such exciting times. Anyway here is a lovely picture of Italy which may just help calm you.

everything in God's world is calm
everything in God's world is calm

2 thoughts on “A wee apology!!

  1. Haha, I do love the English language but not as much as the Italian language! Thankfully I’m not at all traumatised and have enjoyed reading your update and seeing a recent photo.

    It’s been great following your journey by email over the last couple of years – sorry I haven’t been in touch much. (at all?) I do pray for you though, and continue to ask that God blesses you and uses you as a blessing as you start this new phase of service.

    Make the most of the Scottish “sunshine” until you return to the real thing in bel Italia, dove c’e’ sempre il sole, vero?!

    Dio vi benedica, Jo x

    1. Molto grazie, cara amica Jo. Unfortunately our experience of Perugia was that – dove c’e non sempre il sole!!

      Dio ti benedica, Matt

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