Enjoying the Scottish sunshine

Well here we are back in Scotland as we begin our blog. We are not really bloggers so this all feels a bit odd but then I guess its just like having a blether!!We are enjoying the Scottish sunshine (rain for those of you who are not from a Scots background!!) We are holed up in the home of the Fairfield’s and are rattling about a bit as they and the children are on vacation at the moment. We miss our early morning call from Emily and Oliver and our early evening exercise as we chase them around the house playing hide and seek using the Fairfields rules – that is they tell you where they are hiding beore you count!! Well they just like being found! So unlike us adults who usually do everything we can not to be found by anyone! We are so usy hding ourselves away tht often nobody can find us even in the few times we actually do want to be found! Wait a minute this is all getting a bit profound!!
Some news of our journey with the Lord to Italy is that since signing up to become OMers we have been set a monthly budget of £1300 and are curently 45% of the way to achieving this. Many of you have journeyed with us over the past year (and more0 and we are thrilled by your excitement and encouragement as we have shared what OM Italia is doing. We are really looking forward to getting back to doing somee hands-on work in Italy as we start or post of Church Moilization and Networking Coordinators across Italy. First of course we need to join with other new OMers in Holland as we attend the GO Conference for 11days. Our journey to Holland will be via some relatives in South East England and then via ferry and train to the GO conference. God has really been blessing us in this time at home – well it is geting harder to call it home in that sense as we truly are missing Italy! He has been encouraging us in our gifting and has confirmed thru many of you our calling to Italy and to OM. We hav ebeen greatly humbled and blessed by those of you who have been supporting us thus far and also even more by the many who are responding to God’s call on their resources and are giving sacrificially for His work to impact on Italy. For those who may be interested in suporting the work it is possible to give online at http://www.uk.om.org/index.php/Giving-Through-OM.html – Here you can support us as a couple by indicatig that your gift is for Gibsons – Italy or you can give to the overall work of OM UK.

We are delighted to have been able to share what has been happening in our lives with several fellowships as well as groups of individuas who have been faithful friends and supporters. If you would like to receive our newsletter electronically then please contact us on manduriagibsons@gmail.com and we will add you to our list.prayerCard


3 thoughts on “Enjoying the Scottish sunshine

  1. What a lovely photo of you two! Great to hear all your news. I hope you are blessed and refreshed by your time back in the UK.

  2. Hi Sandra hope to be able to catch up with you soon. Give us a call at Steve’s on Friday or after.

  3. Welcome to the blogging world! I can see you’re already getting used to talking to yourself… we’re writing from Doncaster at the Action Partners training… so intense and inspiring and confusing and useful and… etc etc, i’m sure you know! Anyway, keep on playing hide- and – seek.. skype/ see you soon! xx

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