Blessings abounding!!!

John Calvin

A sea-creature????
A sea-creature????

All the blessings we enjoy are Divine deposits, committed to our trust on this condition, that they should be dispensed for the benefit of our neighbors.

Well here we go again having a chat to myself!! Strange this world but it seems like there is someone out there reading and responding…. amazing!!! Anyway we have just spent a lovely 3days at the Keswick Convention  (in the Lake District for those of you who don’t know) and have just been ‘blessed out of our skulls’ (as wee Paul McLoughlin would say). Not only did the Lord bless us with their beauty of Keswick and the surrounding landscape but He also blessed us with the gift of 2 nights in a old-fashioned style hotel which just makes you feel you are at your aunties place and you just sink into the lovely seats and enjoy the homely huge plates of food and the company of others on their pilgrimage in life – our God is just amazing!! He is the great Provider. That was the physical, aesthetic pleasure and provision but He also provided us with food for the soul – teaching which challenged our vision of what God is doing and saying to us and others as well as being surrounded by His people singing His praises. What a joy it is to be able to participate in singing the Lord’s praises! When I think of all the religions that abound in this world none of them gives this wonderful opportunity to connect with the transcendent being who brought us into existence and sustains our every breath – amazing – and He loves MY singing – even more amazing (those of you who have heard my singing know this to be true!!) Anyway we have been truly refreshed in every way – even though Rose was suffering from a bit of an infection in her throat and sinuses she was able to drink all of the praises in although frustrated at not being able to join in the singing.

(Well that was a bit of a blow- I had typed almost as much as has just gone before and navigated away from the page and when I came back seem to have lost it all so now my inspirational diatribe is lost and I need to begin again – oh well let’s see what happens!)

We had a wonderful time last week with the friends at Bellevue West Community Church and would thoroughly recommend that you join them some Sunday both to encourage them and in the knowledge that you will be blessed  by the Spirit which is clearly working there. We have been encouraged by their practical support and their consistent prayers for us and it was just a real blessing to be able to share with them what the Lord has been doing in our lives since we last saw them. Remember to pray for them as they break new ground in Kirkliston   as the devil would try and break them and discourage them – let’s uphold them as they follow Him and bring light to a dark place!

Tomorrow we look forward to being with the fellowship at Ferniehill and sharing with them what the Lord has been doing and where He is taking us.We count it a great prvilege to be able to share with folks in the Lord’s work. I am always conscious that we are ‘co-labourers’ in His work and need to remind myself often that this is HIS work not ours.

As we look forward and begin to make our arrangements to return to Italy via Holland we are so glad that we can trust our God for all provision. He is the great Provider and where He calls He will provide. We can praise Him that we have already received indications from God’s people that they want to share in this work by supporting us in raising the monthly budget figure of £1300 which OM require us to have in place before we start work. We are 45% of the way there already and we give thanks to the Lord for the willing hearts of His people and continue to trust that He will provide the remainder In His own timing and in His own way. (If you wish to join with us in this blessing of giving then you can do so online at

Otherwise if you don’t like to use that method then please contact us and we will provide you with the necessary details.)

As we have returned from Keswick we have been struck by the generosity of God’s people and we want to praise Him for the blessing that so many have been in this time we have had at home. We know that it is a blessing to give and so those who have given will be blessed but we still want to give thanks to you all for your kindnesses in making this stay at home a joy in so many ways. The heart of Bellevue in particular is a giving heart and in some things in our fellowship although we do not perhaps excel – the heart of love continues to cover all and the lost are drawn by this love. We remember what Paul talks about in that famous passage in Corinthians which speaks of love – it is paramount in the Christian walk. Rose and I have been loved into the place we are now by many past and present who poured themselves out when we did not deserve it and it was their love which built us up – not only their knowledge. Mercy and love are the core of God’s heart -it is such a blessing when we see them at the core of His people also. Thank you Lord. And as our friend in Italy would say at this point – in a very loud voice – ALLELUIA!!!!!!

However many blessings we expect from God, His infinite liberality will always exceed all our wishes and our thoughts.
John Calvin


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