SOS – from Switzerland!!

Just chatted with wee Paul McLoughlin – you remember him the young crazy guy from Glasgow who the Lord saved and used among us in Bellevue – well he is in Switzerland learning about Child evangleism at CEF and has 2 prayer requests –

1. energy to sustain thru a tough course both academically and physically (long hours etc) and

2. financial support as Switzerland is an expensive place to try and support yourself


I know he would be ‘blessed out his box’ to know that the Lord’s people are praying for him when he is so far away. So get into your prayer closet and start praying – BEFORE you have your chocolate, tea whatever!!!


2 thoughts on “SOS – from Switzerland!!

  1. Hi dear friends!
    What a lovely blog! Very interesting! I like it!
    How do u do, and your family?
    We’re praying…

    Hugs and Kisses from
    Carla, Mauro, Eugenio, Ludovica, Nazareno!

  2. Bellissimo! Come andate? Grazie per la vostra preghere – e necessario!! Anche siamo per pregare per vostra famiglia.
    Ciao cari amici

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