The Lord is altogether beautiful!!

Well what did today hold for you out there?? We have been blessed by the Lord with some lovely sunshine (even if it was interspersed with some clouds) and been viewing some of the wondrous creatures that He  put on this planet for us to marvel at!! Yep you guessed – we went to the zoo in edinburgh today. Now its not something you might think of for a day out for mission workers at home – BUT it wasn’t really for us that we went! We had the joy of taking our lovely wee grandson Jack (nearly 6 now) to the zoo. It was wonderful to see him searching for the animals in their enclosures and conducting a guided tour of the zoo for us and even reminding the zoo guide who was driving the zoo bus that he had forgotten to mention some animals that we were passing!! This really impressed the guy and Jack was oficially made his Tour assistant! We saw animals from all over the globe with such different characteristics and attributes that it was just a wonderful reminder of how great our God is and how beautiful He is to have created such beauty as an outlet for His nature – that overflow of creativity!! Amazing!

In among all this rush that we have had raising awareness of the wonderful opportunity the Lord has made available to us to work with His people in Italy and talking with many of you about that in various ways and at various times it was just wonderful to step out into the world and be reminded of His magnificence and awesome power. He is God and there is no other!! Alleluia!

We have been richly blessed in the past weeks by those of you who have shared your homes and time with us and we continue to thank the Lord for you all and especially for those of you from bellevue who have for such a time been our family in a very real way. We feel blessed by you and your heart of love which throbs at the core of Bellevue for al to feel and see. We hope that you will join us this Sunday morning if you can at our Commissioning Service at Bellevue at 11.30a.m. You will hear more of what OM do in general and what our role will be in particular and we also trust we will solidify a real sense of partnership in the gospel as you stand with us as we leave you to start this work of the Lord to reach the people of Italy with the light of His gospel.We would love to be blessed by your encouragement and support with us on Sunday.

No fotos of the zoo but then most of you know what it looks like anyway – so just close your eyes and imagine yourself there and be blessed by the Lord in His glorious beauty!


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