Commissioning Sunday approaching fast!!

Well the big day is approaching fast and we are getting just a bit excited about being embraced by our brothers and sisters as we take a little bit of Bellevue to Italy. What an adventure to know that we  are in God’s will and that we are partnering with all at Bellevue in doing His work in Italy. It is absolutely amazing how God creates this nexus which brings us all in contact with Him and also via Him into contact with one another – and without any broadband Internet connection available. the mystery of prayer is something wonderful to see in action and yet we can never quite understand what is happening even though we can see its results!!

Today has been spent trying to put together the IT presentations for Sunday and also we have had some folks interested in renting the flat. We showed a couple of girls around the flat this evening and they are thinking and discussing it as we wait. Pray that the Lord would direct their deliberations as we wait on His guidance.

The service on Sunday is coming fast and we are getting excited that we have reached this milestone in our journey with the Lord. Praise Him for His patience and faithfulness to us who are such errant disciples. We just continue to thank Him for guiding us this far and trust Him for the future.

We also want to thank those of you who have prayerfully committed to ongoing giving for His work in Italy. We know that He will bless you in that giving and that it will enable many to hear about His love.


Our God is faithful!!Pisa 2 

We thought this might make you laugh – but there is a serious theological message to be learnt from this famous monument. Can you guess what it is?


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