Nostalgia Sunday!!!

Nostalgia is a big thing in TV etc – it seems to be something people want when times are a bit dificult. they reflect back on the past and it brings a kind of stability and comfort! Well yesterday in Bellevue Chapel we looked back with many who have been our companions in this journey which is our walk of faith. We remembered where we had come from – how we have been saved  – and who makes it possible – Jesus Christ! Alleluia!

In the service of Commissioning we heard from Sharon Rose about the vision of Operation Mobilisation (OM) for taking the truth and love of the gospel of Christ to the unreached. Sharon Rose reminded us of some of the different ways of sharing God’s love with those who are in need. She reminded Rose and I, but also everyone one that we should ‘shine as stars in the universe..’ as Paul says in Philippians.

Stephen Fairfield remembered in his prayer, the path our journey has taken as a couple and we thank God for His care and protection in the many difficult times.

As we shared with the many who were there we looked out on faces that have loved us when we were unlovable and who have prayed for us thru many tough times. It was a joy to see them there standing with us and we thank you all for standing with us on this next part of our journey.

It would have been impossible for us to look forward when we came to the Lord and see this day or this situation He has placed us in and we know that we are different people now because of His grace and changing power. As Alan Campbell shared from Psalm 16 with us he reminded of something which we know but often forget – God is all we need!! No matter what the times God is all we need. As Alan shared it took many back to his time spent with us and for us it was indeed  a joy to have Alan share in another of the milestones in our life as believers. He has been part of our journey since the beginning and we thank God for his counsel and encouragement along the way.

We will hold the memories of yesterday in our mind and heart as we travel onwards to Italy and to what the Lord has in store for us along the way.


Many tears were shed yesterday as we considered how we arrived at this point and realised our utter dependence on God for all that we have, and those tears are tears of joy and thankfulness which we give praise for as they are a sign of our worship to our Lord Jesus in whom we can do all things!

If yu are reading this and you don’t know how to enjoy such certainty as we have been describing then talk to anyone you know who is a follower of Jesus and ask them how to find this in your own life. And don’t wait because there is no better day than today to discover the secret of life – God is all we need! (Psalm 16)


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