A thought-provoking week!

Since our wonderful experience of last Sunday’s Commissioning service at Bellevue we have had a busy week with many challenges – as you would expect after you nail your colours to the flagpole so publicly!! Our constant experience in the last year has been that of attack when we step out in faith in all area of our lives.  This week has been no different! As we are heading into our final days here in Edinburgh we have been challenged to continue to trust in Him as we seek to meet our monthly support budget of £1300. We are still some way off but we are continuing to go forward and indeed even in this week we have had demonstrations of His provision – an extremely generous gift for our support which will help us thru the 1st month – we have the possibility of being able to rent our flat to 3 young Christians (2 of whom you may know! Sheens Buchan & Ben Packer) So the Lord is saying to us “I know all your needs..” and of course it is true but we are weak and forget very easy that the God of all heaven and creation is our God and His riches are beyond compare. We know that as we move forward the Lord’s people will respond to the call to give as partners in the work in Italy.

I have also been challenged by Alan’s message at Bellevue on Sunday and am trying to work that out as I go along – ‘God is all I need” -even in the midst of emotional turmoil and practical difficulties “God is all I need”.

On a different tack – I wonder if any of you got the spiritual message from the cartoon of Il Torre Pendente – or the Leaning Tower of Pisa – the answer of course is ‘good foundations’ matter!!


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