We have been blessed by the Lord with our short time here in Kent – blessed by beautiful sunshine, family reunion and the Lord’s people! We have spent a few days enjoying the lovely Kent countryside in warm sunshine – what a blessing it is to see the Lord’s creation in full bloom! We have been refreshed by the  sea air and the beauty of the coast and the sounds of children playing on the beach!

This would have been an uplifting experience on its own but the Lord has also given Rose especially a rich time of reunion with her brother Bobby and his family. We have met new relatives (Rose’s niece’s new American husband) and caught up with old ones! Good conversations over beautiful food – what a joy! While we leave family behind we know that we are part of a greater family which we can never leave behind – the family of God’s children!!

This was demonstrated to us when we shared Sunday with God’s people in the local Anglican church – St Mary’s. Here we received a word from the Lord in the morning as we heard a message on the Lord’s teaching on ‘worry’ and why we don’t need to and shouldn’t – what a timely reminder as we set off again to Italy on the new part of our journey with the Lord. There are so many thin gs we could worry over – the journey details, suitcases being to heavy, connections happening, accommodation in Holland and then Italy, our support being in place in time……….etcBUT the Lord stopped us in our tracks and reminded us clearly – ‘Do not worry!’ Beautiful Lord!

And then we returned in the evening to a very informal service where we were challenged and blessed by the style of worship and where Rose had the realisation of a vision she had been given by the Lord some time ago in a dream as we shared in the Eucharist in a very different way than that which we are used to and it was clearly a confirmation to Rose from the Lord that He is speaking into her life.

So that brings me to now and the title of this post – arrivaderci! as we pack our various suitcases and rucksacks (yes we did find a second hand rucksack for £4.50!! God knows all our needs!!) we say arrivaderci to UK and set off with confidence in His provision for this next 11 days in Holland at the GO Conference.

As we leave we thank you all for your encouragement, counsel, gifts and love in service to us and pray that you will be able to see the Lord working in your life wherever you are serving Him.


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