Life in the land of clogs!

We arrived safely in the Nederlands after our gentle crossing from Harwich to the Hook of Holland. Our journey from the ferry to Gouda (yes the same as the cheese) was uneventful except for having to negotiate moving our hefty baggage from Platform 1 to Platform 14 at Rotterdam to change trains – Dutch rail provide helpful escalators to get luggage from the bridge to the platform but not to Platform 14!! So some early weight training was necessary to make our connections as we handled the bags down the stairs and onto the train just in time for it leaving. Reaching our destination station we were met by Rick Harrell (our OM Italia colleague) and arrived safely at the OM conference site about 2hours later.

Arriving a day early was a blessing as we could settle in before the site was deluged by 200+ 17-25year olds all trying to find which tent/chalet/dorm they were assigned!

The site is busy and the programme is quite busy also. We have received a bit of a history lesson of OM and also some excellent teaching from Peter Maiden each day. The worship is a real blessing also and we are enjoying being part of a real movement for Christ and His gospel.

We are learning  more about relying on God in all things and have been blessed in our accommodation needs when we get to Italy.We have some very good temporary options and we will probably be  sharing an apartment with Anna Lyman (our webmaster in OM Italia) for a few months while we begin to search for a place of our own.

We have had very little internet connection opportunity when we have been here especially because as we share this site with almost 350 OMers (200+ 17-25s) the system cannot really cope with the volume. This has been frustrating as we have wanted to let you all know that we appreciate your prayers and would ask you to continue to pray for us as we look to the Lord to provide the budget of £1300 which we are required to have to work in Italy. At present it is a bit difficult to know how much has been pledged to us on a monthly basis as we are not able to access the OM system fully yet but we would like you to pray that all those who have indicated that they would support us would complete their Direct Debit forms and return them to OM UK before 1/9 and also that they would remember to mark them as for the support of ‘The Gibsons Italy’. If you don’t have the form and would like to support God’s work  you can connect to the OM UK site from our links on the right of this page.

Our role is Italy is becoming clearer and is  very exciting- to be responsible for engaging with the Italian church and enthuse them to get involved in reaching their own people with the gospel – what a privilege!! A challenge for our language skills but we know that the Lord is equipping us.

Anyway we missed the meeting at Bellevue on Tuesday but are happy to know that the discussion about the proposals is ongoing and we are praying for you all at Bellevue as we miss you as our family.

We want to encourage you to seek the Lord and should He prompt you to please think about supporting us in the work He has given us.

It is a joy to be among others who can tell similar stories to us of how He called them and is providing for them as they go out to tell others about His glorious love and compassion.

Bless you as seek to follow Him this day!


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