Life at GO

Well I just thought we could let you know something about life at the GO Conference. What are we up to and how do we spend our days?? The real answer is every day is the same but also different- well no surprises there then!!

Most morning we scrape ourselves out of bed around 7/7.30 and go over to join the queue for breakfast – cold meat, processed cheese, bread, cereal, etc.

The queue is usually out of the front door of the dining hall when we get there cos all these hungry young folks are up and at it early!! But we have our breakfast – well Rose has hers and I usually have a coffee and maybe some bread and jam- as my body is just now ready for anything at that hour of the day.

We usually have some kind of teaching seminar which is there to help us prepare for the work on the field psychologically etc. We have had a great profound teaching sessions from Peter Maiden and others which have so challenging and of course we have been revelling in praising His name every . day with a huge bunch of enthusiastic young people (mostly).It really lift us when we get a bit tired and often we are really broken spiritually before the Lord. Praise God that we are free to be able to come before Him as openly as this. We usually have some group sessions in the afternoon after our sandwich lunch and then we have more teaching and worship in the evening.

By the time we have spoken to some of our fellow workers and had a coffee we are ready for bed.

It is tiring but exhilarating! We would love to hear your comments and we look  forward to reading them.

We have been praying for the fellowship back in Edinburgh and trust the Lord is working in your change situation just now.  We have also been praying for our support as it is still a good bit short of the needed amount – we do not want to be a burden to our co-workers and we truly are trusting that God’s people will respond to His call. He has all things in His hands and we are confident that our God will provide!

We are on last part of this conference now and we are sure getting  a bit tired!


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