Bella Italia

Back in bella Italia at last! We arrived here on Monday morning at 5.45 after a 15hour car journey thru Nederlands, Germany, Switzerland and into Italia! It was tirng but also exciting as we enter into what God has prepared for us here in Italy.

our time at the GO conference was one of great encouragement, challenge and fellowship. We met so many young (and not so young) people who are on the same journey of discovery as we are and it was just amazing some of the stories we heard and participated in with many of them. One of the highlights of the event was Mission possible which was a simulated journey into an unknown country (Epohon!) We did this with a team of 8people roughly and were put thru the many bureaucratic hurdles which oftentimes you need to negotiate on your way to many countries (even those in EU) This simulation taught us a lot about ourselves and how we react under pressure and also what qualities we have which are useful in these situations. Many folks were challenged and out of it came a great deal of learning about how we trust in Him and not ourselves.

This was just one of the highlights and we wish we could share more with you but as the internet connection is not so good yet we will restrict it to just that for the moment.

Many thanks to those of you who have completed your direct debit forms and got them to OM for our monthly support – the giving is increasing as we speak and we thank both yourselves and the Lord for this part you are playing in the the work work He has to do here in Italy.

It does indeed feel good to be back here in Italy and we are surprised that although we have been away for some time our language is still quite good.

We are staying with Anna one of our American colleagues in as a temporay measure and we will get settled in to the work over the next week or so and then assess what we should do about accomodation.

We are situated in torre Pellice which is a small town in the north west of Italy, south west  of Turin. It is beautiful and just big enough to have most things we need but also just small enough to be able to get to know and be known by many of the locals. Our work is to reach out and connect with the churches in Italy so although we won’t be looking to do much locally we will of course be ourselves and make friends – so pleae pray that this will happen and that the Lord will use this to help us in His work.

We have been made extra aware of our cultural baggage at the GO conference and we trust that this is something we can use to make relationships


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