OM-ers- officially

Now that we are back in Italy we awake and find ourselves officially OM-ers!! Just what that means is something we hope to discover as we go along. It is a strange organisation in many ways – but it is certainly more than the sum of its many parts – that’s for sure!
Now we are back in Italy we will begin the work of seeking to connect with the churches across Italy to enthuse and connect them into the serious work of reaching Italians for the Lord. this is exciting but also very daunting- although only if we try and do it in our own strength! We hope that we are learning more every day about what it is to rest in Him and trust Him in all circumstances.
Today we have no permanent home, a task which is huge and still to be defined, not yet fulfilling our monthly support budget, but content in being where we know He has called us to be!
As we learn more of Him we see that He never lets us down eve when He answers our prayers in strange ways.
We have received much positive affirmation from may who have been with us over the last couple of weeks and are encouraged that the Lord has put people in our path whom we can also encourage. He blesses us as we bless Him – our God is truly an awesome God.
I am writing this very late at night as this is the best time to get the signal to allow us online! Please continue to pray that we would cope with the pressures which we face as a couple in this very new and changing situation. We are happy that the Lord has blessed us with being part of a team and we believe that this is truly His provision. While we love this wonderful country being in this foreign situation brings its own pressures and we are acutely aware that we will be and are under attack as we seek to do His will in this place, as are all who step out of the culture of the world and seek too follow Him – so as you pray for us we also pray for all of you who read this and encourage us in our journey onward to Him.
Bless you as you read this


3 thoughts on “OM-ers- officially

  1. Hi Matt & Rose

    Great to read this blog! I feel your excitement and share your joy! I realise however, that there are very big challenges in there for you both. I have often quoted the late Ron Dunn of Texas to Grant and others in ministry – ‘Keep loving God, keep hating sin and watch out for trucks!’
    Barbara and I count it a privilege to stand with you in prayer. God bless you.

  2. Hi Matt & Rose,

    I like the blog. It’s good to read it and see how you are doing.

    All the best,


  3. Thanks Iain we count it ia privilege to serve God in this beautiful place. Thank you for your encouragement
    God bless you as you seek Him in your own life

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