Splashing about at the deep end!

Our first week has come to a close and we are not too sure which we way is up!! It has been a week of arrivals – ourselves, eder & Denise (young couple from Mexico via Texas), and David (only here for 2days visiting from USA), and departures – Anna (our co-worker and landlady) with David (same one as above!) as they went to visit another OM-er in Finland – by the way I heard someone say that Finnish must be the language of heaven as this is obviously the hardest language inn the world and the one that the Lord ‘Finnished’ with….!! Okay its not very scriptural based but who knows!??

So in this first week we have settled in our new home which we share with Anna Lyman (Webdesigner and all things creative in OM Italy!!). Our present bedroom is probably about double the size of our room in Perugia and also has a balcony adjacent. We are so grateful to the Lord for this temporary provision as our support level is as yet unknown to us. Behind the house is a field where Rose made friends with an old horse whom she enjoyed feeding odd scraps of veg and fruit. She started to get quite fond of him and then on Sunday morning someone came and led him away – we hope that he has found somewhere pleasant to go and nothing unseemly has happened to him.

Our initial week has been easy and difficult – easy as we have not been given many tasks as such and we have been settling in to the flat with a bit of space to do so as Anna is away. Difficult as we have had a lot of info sent our way about the office system and the breadth of our role here. Just discovering a new place and finding how it all works in a foreign language is a  challenge. amBut what a joy it is to wake in the morning to the sound of a stream running behind our apartment block and the fresh mountain air to fill your lungs. Our God is manifest in His creation!!

In this week we have already travelled from Holland to Italy by van 9about 15hours), then from Torre Pellice to Milano (about 2hours each way) and welcomed a young Mexican couple back to the team.

There are many challenges which face us and we are already seeing the challenge of working in a multicultural team – South African, Dutch, US, Italian, Peruvian, Mexican, British, Brazilian, German and who knows where else God will decide to bring someone from to join us! Maybe it could be you so listen up for His voice calling!!

Next year OM Europe is running a huge outreach to the Mediterranean countries called Transform 2010 and it will be based from Rome. Teams will congregate in Rome and be receive training before going out to all the countries of the Med. as this begins in Italy we have a large part of the organisational burden for it and will also be responsible for leading and supporting several teams in Italy itself. these teams will run for both short and longterm periods. So in this initial period we are considering where we should be placing teams in Italy and also contacting churches for them to work with.

Tomorrow we have a Short Term Planning meeting at our house with all of the OM Team – a busy agenda which includes Transform 2010 but also other items to do with requests which OM Italia have to work in a variety of places in the next month or two.

So as we try to find our feet we are also trying to keep up to speed with asked what we are being to do. So of this you can understand the reason for the title post – we are very much in at the deep end but still splashing about and definitely not drowning!!

We have also received a lot positive affirmation of  our gifts and calling – this is very helpful to us both in this initial period. We are grateful for all the support and encouragement we  have had from those back home taking care of thing.s for us. We really feel very blessed to have a supportive group of people looking after things for us.


5 thoughts on “Splashing about at the deep end!

  1. Hi Matt and Rose,

    Glad to hear that you are experiencing Gods Provision. It is exciting to hear what God is doing in your lives, you are in our thoughts and prayers often at i’m sure what is often a scary time for you both. I hope Matt that you are still concerning yourself with the vital matters of life like football and offering up many prayers that Scotland can humble the mighty Holland in the next match.

    Paul Friend

    1. Hi Paul of course the Scotland team are ALWAYS in my prayers – goodness knows they need them!! In fact tonight I am watching the game with a team colleague but she is Dutch!! So I will need to be very composed when we score our 2/3goals -AYE RIGHT!!
      Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Matt, what a shame! It was a brave effort from George Burley’s side! I hope your Dutch friend enjoyed the night!
    On a lighter note, it’s really good to hear your news. We’re still thinking of you both and missing you here! Take care, Helenx

  3. I don’t know If I said it already but …Great site…keep up the good work. 🙂 I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, 🙂

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

    1. Hi there sorry but I don’t know who you are but wanted to say sorry for taking so long to reply as I am a bit new to this I didn’t se you comment as it had been put in spam!! Oops1 Thanks for the encouragement.

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