Remember L’Aquila!

It was a late spring night in Italy when it happened – we knew nothing of it in our apartment in Perugia but not too far away thousands of people were experiencing devastation which would rob them of everything they had in the world and  change the very environment they lived in for a long time to come.

That was the night of the ‘terremoto’ in L’Aquila – our first knowledge of it was a phone call from the UK to ask if we were okay – we knew nothing of it as we did not watch the TV in the mornings usually.

terremoto abruzzo 1

Now all these many months on and thousands are still living intented villages and have no real idea of when they will be  able to have a home and resume normal life again!

The evangelical churches in and around tthe area (and further  afield) have responded to the practical needs and have been providing food, clothing and other needs since very early in the process.The evangelical church in Italy is small in number but they responded with enthusiasm and compassion to try and be the hands and feet of the Lord in this devastating situation.

l'aquila school - now and before

While the physical and emotional loss is huge an event  such as this opens up the spiritual chasm which exists when people are not in a relationship with God – those working in L’Aquila have invited us to lead a group of Italians and foreigners to bring the message of the gospel to those who would like to know more.

We hope to be able to do this in October – God willing – so we  would appreciate your prayers as we work with the churches in organising this. Pray for our contacts and also that people will respond to the call to serve – especially those from outwith Italy in such a short timescale. Pray also for us as we need to be able to lead the team and communicate with the church leaders effectively – a big ask for our language skills.

We know that we have a God who is sufficient for all our needs and we are confident that He is already peparing people to come and serve the hurting people of L’Aquila.

This is a bit of a serious post but also a hopeful one.


One thought on “Remember L’Aquila!

  1. Wow, that’ll be really tough I’m sure but a great opportunity to share God’s love with people who are suffering. Let us know how it goes!

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