God’s new creations!

As we waited to hear of new arrivals both in Edinburgh and here in Italy we saw once again how the Lord is in control of all things – the baby in Edinburgh was due to arrive on 11th September – we are still waiting!! The bimbo in Italy was due to be delivered by C-section on 15th and arrived early morning of 14th!!

As the mum’s waters broke and they made their way to the hospital by car (a journey of about 1hour) they encountered the rush hour traffic and were not certain of getting there on time. In addition the baby was in breech position and the mum felt the need to push – not a good combination!!

However our God is in control of all things and they arrived at the hospital in time for the baby to be delivered safely – both hale and hearty!! Hallelujah!

This gives us confidence that the Lord is also in control as we wait for the Scottish baby – still to arrive.

But more than this it also gives us confidence to see that He is in control of the timings in our own lives – when circumstances change unexpectedly, or traumatic things happen to us or those we love, He is also in control of these things. Not that he is making or allowing them to happen but that He knows what is happening and will be able to deal with the consequences – and moreover He allows us to be moulded into the people He would have us become through these events.

I still find it amazing that the Lord who created the comos would take time to be interested in me and my concerns! Of course I should not be so amazed as I know His interest in me meant the agony of the cross for Jesus! But I am still amazed – as the hymn says

‘And can it be that I should have

an interest in the Saviour’s blood.

Died he for me who caused His pain,

For me who him to death pursued,

Amazing love, How can it be

that Thou my God shoudlst die for me!!’

So if you feel life is tough just now then perhaps it is a good idea (after you have shouted at the Lord! He can handle it!) to perhaps reflect on what He is trying to say to you about what He wants to do in your life today!

I would love you to share that with us as it is always an encouragement to know how God is dealing with those He sent His son to die for on the cross!


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