Sun, sea and ……following the Lord in 2010!

Transform the MedWhat an opportunity I have found for those of you who can’t do without a doze of Mediterranean sun in the summer! An opportunity to allow the Lord to transform you and to be a part of transforming this amazing part of Europe and North Africa. Transform 2010 – ministry teams will include sports, arts, immigrants, traveling teams, 24/7 prayer teams, and teams working alongside long-term missionaries.

Now is the time to think about giving the Lord your summer. If you want to transform your life then have look at this and get a taste of what God is doing.

transform 2010

More details will follow – but basically people form all over the world will join together in Rome Italy for about 5days and  then disperse over the Med to tell others the Good News using any method we can find.

OM Italia will hope to have several teams in a variety of ministries and cities across Italy. What an opportunity – beautiful sunshine, a time to know the Lord better, good food and new friendships!

All welcome!!

How can you stop yourself from checking this out!!


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