Its a Swiss – mission group!!

Our friends from Switzerland arrived this afternoon and we have had fun meeting them and discussing the plan for their time with us over the next week! An interesting team in every sense – generationally there are about 60 years between  the oldest and youngest. They will be doing some practical ministry with the Waldensian Church -painting fences, visiting senior retirement homes and other things. They are an answer to prayer as the OM team have been looking for an opportunity to get alongside te Waldensian Church for a while and this opportunity will begin to open the door for us to be able to work alongside of them in the valley here.

It is a challenge and an opportunity which we trust we will be given the wisdom to know how to use best to further the Kingdom here in Torre Pellice.

With a few young children in the team with their mothers we want to be careful that they are not pushed too much but we trust that the Lord will use every person young and old to accomplish His purposes.

We will also be very busy this week working with the team and also making lunch etc for them so for us it is also a challenge.

i hope to be able to keep up with them and also try and put some new posts up as we go along. So keep looking!!


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