The Toblerone Team hit town!

They arrived on Friday night from a small church near Berne in Switzerland – Philippe, the pastor with a group ranging from a few months old to over 70 and most age groups in between. They had come to carry out some practical ministry in Torre Pellice and they lived at ‘Forterocca’ – the OM Hotel and Conference Centre in Bobbio Pellice. You should have a look at the centre ( if you haven’t seen it.

Working with the team was hard work but also fun. They did some  practical ministry by painting a fence for the local Waldensian Church – a church similar to the Church of Scotland. this was a real answer to prayer as OM has been developing a connection with them over a period of time. Alongside the team we visited 3 local retirement homes and had fun giving out Swiss cheese and chocolate as well as sharing how the Swiss flag came to have a white cross on a red background! If you don’t know then do some research – it is really interesting!

We visited Torino for a whole day on Wednesday where we gave out bottles of water to immigrants waiting in an Italian government building for permission to stay in the country – a process which can take months for many of them. So they often wait in this very bleak building for many hours at a time and so we gave away small bottles of water with a Bible verse on them and a piece of Swiss chocolate attached. We had some very interesting conversations with people from as far away as Uzbekistan, Canada, Argentina, Cuba …….

In addition to the obvious work  Rose was also involved in feeding the group and I was involved in providing devotional input several times – so this week has been a long and tiring one which we will take a bit of time to recover our energy from again.


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