God’s provision!

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.
Proverbs 18:23-24

In this settling-in period we have been torn between 2 homes! As Rose has been doing her thing in making a home out of our shared apartment we have also been trying to deal with not being able do anything about a host of problems happening in our flat in Edinburgh. This burden has landed on the shoulders of our friends in Edinburgh who have found themselves having to deal with much more than we would have wished for as they look after our home.

We thank them for their faithfulness in this and we have really appreciated them in this period. Knowing that we have people whom we can trust in these things is a real blessing as we try not concern ourselves about these things.

In this period we have been very aware of the Lord asking us to trust Him even when things seem to be going wrong.  Of course He has been faithful by providing us with friends who are faithful and we are grateful to those people who have been our providers in many senses in this difficult period.

The amount of different things which went wrong with our flat was quite amazing and we do believe that through this the Lord has been challenging us to trust Him and been developing our ‘faith muscle’.

As we struggle to meet our OM budget target we are also giving this to Him knowing that ‘ where He calls He also provides’ – and we are confident that He will not do something which goes against His character. So we ask that you continue to hold that need up in prayer as we seek to serve Him.

This may seem a bit more of a serious entry but we wanted you all to know that although life can be difficult and dark oftentimes – the God we trust is worthy of trust in every eventuality!


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