Challenging days

Well these last  days have been very challenging for us in different ways. At the office we have been involved in clearing out and tidying loads of ancient stuff – moving literature from the office to OM storage unit – moving stuff to the dump – relocating stuff from storage unit to office cantina (that’s really a big hole in the basement of the office) – and then relocating our desks from the office dining room to another space.

Dust-Mite-Allergens_ER0409In the midst of all this Rose is fighting a heavy duty sinusitis bout – probably brought on (at least in part) by the dust from our preparation day in the office moving dusty files that probably have not been moved for many years! Currently we have managed to get her some maximum strength antibiotics and hope fully these will have a quick effect and allow her to recover her strength again.

We have a 3 day OM Planning Meeting next week – this will be an out of the office event where we will meet together for the first time as a full team to   discuss our roles and connections as a team.  These will be another 3 challenging days as we clarify our specific roles in the team.

sunriseIn the office we are shaking off the dust, re-arranging spaces, re-defining processes etc while in the team we are re-defining things and shaking off the dust of OM as it emerges in to the light of a new day

For us these days are unsettling and more so as we adjust to the team , language and new living space.

We are grateful for the encouragement we receive from those of you who take time to call, email or comment. Please don’t stop!!


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