The colours of the season!

The trees are developing a wonderful range of reds, yellows, browns, golds and as we see the weather changing to a slightly damper, colder climate we are also being treated to the wonderfully colourful mountainsides we can see all around us. After a heavy week where we were working intensively to create a new structure for the team here we have been enjoying a walk in the beautiful country around us.


What a joy it is to be able to be refreshed in our spirits as we seek to be refreshed in our bodies after this long week. The air is fresh, the  fields are green, the goats, sheep and cows are a reminder of God’s provision for us and so we thank Him as we walk in His beautiful creation.

This week we met for almost 3 full days as a team of 12 in our little flat – we ate together, talked together, sang together, prayed together and in the end the Lord guided us thru the days and the detail!! Until, now we have the beginnings  of a structure which we belive will enable us to work more coherently than we have been until now. We know we have some way to go but we have begun and that is important!


One thought on “The colours of the season!

  1. Excited to hear about the *beginning* – and look forward to the *growth* too. Love to you both.

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