Joy to the World!!

Well this week we have been enjoying the amazing variety of nationalities that the Lord has brought to Italy – in the last week we have spoken with people from Argentina, Brazil, Nigerian, Somalia, Algeria, Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Romania, Ghana,……to name just a few!! It was wonderful to see that we can bring the messagge of joy to almost the whole world as they move about with such freedom now despite all the problems the Lord uses all things to give people the opportunity to hear His word and His offer of salvation!!

We went to a fellowship of believers in Como and were privileged to share in the first Commissioning Service for OM in Italy (as far as we know) when we committed a young Italian/Argentinian believer (Antonella)  to work on the Logos Hope for 3 months starting in January. What a joy it was to share with a fellowship which is so clearly carrying out the command of the Lord to GO into all the world and make disciples. They go in their own  town as  they work with many on the streets and they also have a continuing history of working in Italy and abroad with OM and other organisations. To be able to have our very first Commissioning Service in such a fellowship was a joy and a privilege for the team in OM Italia. To see almost 65% of the fellowship on their feet committing to continue in prayer for Antonella was such a joy for us and for  her as she goes out to Jamaica to serve on the Logos Hope.

We left Como on Sunday evening after a full and fruitful day rejoicing with the Lord’s people to go to Milano and work with another outreach to Muslims with a small fellowship on the periphery of Milano (Sesto San Giovanni)

It was here that we encountered the many folks from around the world whom the Lord has brought here in order that they can be free to hear the Gospel! From lands where it is often impossible for the gospel to be preached or shared in a public way. We spent 3days with the group who were working there and worked alongside 2 ex-muslims who were a wonderful witness to us and were able to talk with the many from muslim backgrounds who stopped. We also were able to chat with many from African background who spoke little Italian but did speak English well – such a joy for us and especially for Rose who was enjoying the freedom to be able to get alongside the many hurting people who opened their hearts to her.

In these last days we have been spending some time in Milano with a believer and we are  also visiting several churches here to be able to understand how best OM can assist in the evangelisation of the city in the future.

I will preach my first sermon in Italian on Sunday in a small fellowship here in Milano and am happy that the Lord has given me the opportunity and even more happy that it will be to a small group!! The google translator is not a great tool for translating sermons and so our friend here has been helping me work on the message!

It is a very good way to be reminded that whenever we preach we need to rely on the Lord and on our own strength.

The next post is likely to be when we return to Scotland – so I should say Buon Natale to you all!!


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