Bonnie Scotland I adore thee!

What a beautiful country the Lord has given to us to claim as our home while we make the pilgrimage home to our eternal destination! We have been so blessed by our time here in Scotland – and more especially with the longest and deepest snowfall in some 20+ years!
After telling our Mexican colleagues that it was a long time since we had seen snow especially in Edinburgh we arrived back to streets covered in snow- and Princess Street Gardens and the Castle snow trimmed. It has made for a wonderful festive season spent among family and friends.
Of course the cold weather does not make travelling simple and we have been challenged as we tried to visit as many firends and supporters as we could in the snow. It was a real blessing to be worshipping the Lord in our heart language again (at least heart language for Rose anyway – I may have to wait a while before I can worship in Glaswegian!!)
We are due to head back to Italy tomorrow afternoon although at the time of writing Rose is fighting a heavy bronchial infection which may mean that she has to remain here for a few more days before travelling. We would appreciate your prayers for her that she will be well enough to make the journey back to Italy.
We are looking forward to returning to the land of wine and pasta to take up the work again. To all of you who have taken the time out to chat with us here in Scotland we thank you for your interest and for all those that we could not create enough time to meet up with we know that you are praying for us and we thank you for your interest and support.
The Lord bless you as you walk before Him today


One thought on “Bonnie Scotland I adore thee!

  1. Hi guys
    Happy new year. snow still with us in the west:) Rose I hope is getting better. Good to get your news. Glad the commissioning went so well.
    Bless you both

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