Home alone!

Bella Italia – it surely is a beautiful place BUT without someone to share it loses its edge. I returned from Bonnie Scotland on Monday at about midnight but on my own! Rose has had to stay in Edinburgh as she  has a heavy bronchial infection which we both felt it was not a good idea for her to travel. The journey was not too bad – in fact a flight which was almost two-thirds full – so I had a set of 3 seats to myself. However the journey from Milan down to Torre Pellice was not quite so simple – a bus from Malpensa airpport to Milano Centrale station – from there a direct train to Torino – and then one of our colleagues collected me for a 1hour journey home. In total about 4 and half hours – so I arrived home around midnight. This was a very tiring journey and probably would not have helped Rose to recover.

We have no doubt it was the right decision for Rose’s health but for me it feels very strange to be here on my own in the house and in the office. I struggle to make myself go to bed at night and when I do I am not getting much sleep. Such are the troubles of a wife-less husband!!

Strange feelings as I make dinner for 1 and make too much of course! Rose is spending the time getting  herself a bit better and also being able to spend a bit more time with her mum – which is a bonus for both of them.

This is not a very uplifting post but it is not easy to be uplifting when you are tired and on your own – however as someone reminded me last night – I must look up and see the Lord (Hebrews 12:1). I praise Him that He is with me and although it feels lonely at times the reality we experience is not in fact the totality of reality. There exists a spiritual reality which we are only vaguely aware oftentimes but in fact is more real and lasting than what we experience in time and space.

Very philosophical stuff I know – but what can you do when you are alone with your thoughts and the Lord for company!! He speaks and we listen – if we want to become one of the Wise men  – knowledge of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom!!

Well if you are reading this and think ‘well what is he moaning about I am on my own all the time mostly’ I salute you but also suggest that you have a great opportunity to wait on the still small voice of the Lord. No better time to begin a new life than at the start of a New year – and you don’t need to rely on your own determination or resolutions which inevitably get broken – no you can put yourself in the hands of the Lord of life and know He will care for you.


5 thoughts on “Home alone!

  1. Sorry to hear about Rose
    and hpe she is soon fit
    enough to join you.
    A peaceful Festive Season
    was had by us with the
    chance to spend time with
    my brother and his wife
    and my niece, her husband
    and her 5 month old baby,

    Best wishes for 2010!

  2. Hey Matt, philosophical is ok. remember brother we are all praying for you back here. It was good to catch up with you when you were back, i’m sorry to here that Rose isn’t feeling well, hopefully she will recover soon. Keep looking up Keep going on Matt, i’m sure the lord is already working out a purpose to this stage of your spiritual Journey.

    Take care bro
    love Paul

    1. Hi Paul thanks for the encouragement. Please pray for me this weekedn – I go to Rome to give a presentation about OM and transform 2010 in Italian – probably on my own as the other guys will be at different churches. Early morning start (5am) on Saturday and then full on 3days!!! Will need a real head of Holy Spirit steam to keep on goin’!
      God bless you all – it was great to see you and the little ones – they are just brilliant!!

  3. Hey Matt, sorry to hear about Rose not being well, and hope you’re doing better yourself-is rose back over now? The weekend in Rome sounds immense-looking forward to hearing about it! A

  4. Understand about the wife-less thing, though from the other side of course… I experience the husbandless thing from time to time and life isn’t as sparkily when that happens. Glad that you see the blessings in the alone times. Love to you both. xx

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