When in Rome….

Well when in Rome do … no not as the Romans do! But do as much as we can to promote the work of OM and transform 2010.

My first weekend back in Italy was started with a 10hour van journey from frozen Torre Pellice to rather warmer Rome with a couple of stops on the way to pick up a few OM people in various parts of Northern Italy. A hectic weekend was spent where we connected with about 12 different contacts to make them aware of the opportunity to work with OM this summer especially when the transform 2010 project will begin in Rome.

Many of the churches and pastors we spoke with were very excited about the prospect of receiving a team at some point after the initial training conference in Pomezzia just outside Rome.

It was a long trip with some pretty hectic scheduling and it was not helped by a traffic block in the centre of Rome on the Sunday afternoon when the Pope decided to visit the synagogue to speak with the Chief Rabbi in order to apologise for putting his foot in his mouth some time ago!! I guess it happens even to the best of us!! Makes me feel a bit better as I am sure I must have done this a dozen times since I got here without anyone saying to me afterwards. However I guess if you are the Big Guy then you don’t get away with it so easy!

It was good to be given the opportunity to enthuse the churches (some very small ones!) for this opportunity to receive teams or even send some folks to another country to experience what it is like to share God’s message in another culture than their own.

We also made a couple of 1minute videos to be used in the UK to promote transform which when I eventually get them from the guy who shot them we will post up here. Meanwhile if you have not yet thought about it then now is the time to plan your summer holidays around the Med – but not lying back in the sun – instead talking about the Son! Here is the site if you have not yet visited then shame on you!! Get clicking


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