Matt shot on location……!!

Well as promised here is the video shot on location in Ostia just outside Rome – for thos eof you who know your history Ostia is one of the biggest Roman sites and it was where the emperors used to come to play on vacation – we were definitely NOT on vacation – and of course I was not SHOT!! Sorry to disappoint those of you who thought we had been in a real shoot-out! However we have a real KILLER of an invitation for you to be aprt of transform beginning here in Italy. From 19 -24 July in Rome and then out across all 21 countries of the Mediterranean basin to carry the good new s of the gospel to those in need – spiritually, economically, physically….

Watch and then decide how you want to be part of this – pray, come, support financially …. however you feel the Lord speaking to you in this please respond.

Another much more professional video can be seen from the link below my video go to it and you will connect to the details. If you have any questions talk to an OM office near you.

Go on – you know you want to!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Matt shot on location……!!

  1. Good to see you Matt!! The weather looks much nicer over there! Hope that you are both doing well. Take care, Iain

  2. Looking good Matt! Sent here to check it out by your wife. Lovely catching up with her just now. Blessings. Sx

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