Going loco as we ‘trasloco’!

We have been trying to move apartment for about 1week now and are almost at the stage of madness. To do a flitting – as I would say in GVlasgow – is to ‘trasloco’ here in Italy. This is a tortuous procedure especially when you don’t even know the right word for electrical current or boiler (which is ‘boiler’ by the way!). We have been provided with mst of our basic kitchen units including a sink, cooker, and dishwasher together with several cabinets and a kitche table! Yesterday we managed to put together a wardrobe, bedstead and our bathroom is functioning although we do not yet have a washing machine but we know we will have one when the Lord is ready. But although we are only moving upstairs it is a stressful operation. We have been blessed with many people from the local church who have helped us immensely but it makes you realise how essential language is when you are being asked to hand a screwdriver to someone and don’t know what he is asking for!

Anyway when we are installed properly we will have enough space to receive guests and we hope that you will take up our offer soon!


One thought on “Going loco as we ‘trasloco’!

  1. hey gibsons! Just like you, we have been moving, we have really felt a lot more settled since we moved into our new place and even have a new kitten. We are glad that you have got most things you needed, though it sounds very stressful. We will be thinking and praying for you

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