What a year!!

It is just over 1 year since Rose and I made the final decision to serve with OM in Italy! It is amazing to know that God has everything planned in advance and we just had to step into it. And now we are being used in ways we would not have thought about before. Here we are in Torre Pellice in Piemonte working with OM and not in Napoli working with GLO as we thought we might be!! God took us to the centre of Italy initially and looking back we can see that He knew that this would be easy for us to move north from and also He had appointments for us there in Perugia!! We met people who were able to guide us and advise us as we sought the Lord’s will and we praise Him that He gave us the wisdom to listen and follow by His Spirit.

We have been buffeted around a lot in our emotions but He has proved Himself bigger than what we are feeling at a certain point! In our wisdom we would have given up and gone home many times but we kept returning to the verse He gave those years ago in Napoli – ‘……..and go to a land I will show you!’ He has placed in a place where we are fed by the history of those who gave their lives not to bow down to the oppression of the authorities who said they could not read the bible, or preach the word in public and who stood against that tyranny! This place is inspiring and we see His hand in bringing us here as we get to know the people and history a bit more every day.

One year on and we are surer now than ever before that we are where He would have us be – even if it means that we are frustrated by trying to get things done when we don’t even know which shop to go to sometimes never mind know what to ask for when we get there!! (And that is not because of language problems!!)

One year on and we see how He is doing a new thing here in Piemonte and further afield in Italy – and we are amazed and delighted that He is including us in what He is doing.

Our God is leading us as a shepherd leads His wayward sheep – Praise Him today!


2 thoughts on “What a year!!

  1. You guys are great! Happy 1st OM Decision Anniversary. May you continue to be blessed and to be a blessing.

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