Lost in the mountains of Piemonte!!

Where those 2 months go – if I told you thatI had gone on a trek across the Alps and got lost in the mountains of Piemonte then that would be a great story for whyI have not written anything here for so long……… However it would not be literally true – so better leave that one there for when I write my novel!!

Truth be told these 2months have been a journey of faith which has been at times exciting and amazing and at times heavy and tough-going! In that time I have been to Genoa, Pisa, Milan, Como, Garda, Torino, (several times) – which all sounds very wonderful and exciting (and it was!!) but it was also work and a lot of travelling with public transport. I was very warmly welcomed in every fellowship that invited me to come and share the work of OM and to discuss how we can forward the spread of the Gospel in Italy together. It was very encouraging to discover that God is starting something new in this dark country.

Here is a fact for you to ponder – North Korea is number 1 on the list of countries which persecute Christians in the world – 1.7% of the population are believers. Italy has 0.6% Christian believers. The majority of Italians who attend the catholic church would not claim to know Christ as their Saviour and many of the 94% who attend church say honestly that they have no belief in God.

Here is another fact to ponder – one of the largest satanic centres in the world is Torino. It is estimated that there are over 100,000 witches in Italy which is many times more than the number of catholic priests.

So it is little wonder that in these 2months I have not been alone in our team in being under attack as we try to do the work of telling people about the gospel. Each of us in our own way has been attacked and I thank God for His grace to me in keeping me on the road with Him. By His grace we are going forward in the work in Torre Pellice and in Italy as a whole.

We know that we are accompanied along the way by our Jehovah Jireh and we praise Him for this – without Him we will fail as we are so weak.


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