The transform tango!!

Here we go – take your partners for the ‘transform tango’ and hold on tight for an exhilarating dance thru Italy!

I travel down to Rome -leaving at 3am Monday morning (really Sunday as far as I am concerned!!) to begin the transform – after what seems like almost our entire OM life  hearing and planning for transform – it is about to begin. And what a way to begin – leaving the house at 3am to travel 10hours in the ‘luxurious’ OM’s ‘Helga’ – Giorgio’s special friend. At least we are travelling when it will be less hot and sticky and have the advantage of arriving at the venue fairly prompt – God willing!

What a week we have ahead of us – 500 or so mostly young people from all over the world joining together to seek God’s blessing and go out and tell their story to anyone who will give them time to sit and have a coffee or whatever. The week of bible teaching and training in a variety of Kingdom orientated subjects looks fascinating and fun. We have artists and storytellers, we have preachers and teachers , we have songsters and poets, we have techies and anoraks – and all of them love Jesus and all of them are ready to be used in the work of bringing new people into contact with the Kingdom.

It will be sweaty, itchy, tiring, but also exhilarating, challenging, refreshing. One day (Wednesday) will be a day when all of the participants are challenged to go out into Roma and share their story with just one person. They will have just a few euros and they will be let loose without very much language and challenged to find ways of communicating their story with someone they have never met.

Then the really exciting bit happens when at the end of the week they are released in teams to go to a variety of countries and work alongside local believers in sharing their stories. Lives will be changed – and that is the lives of the participants and we pray that as their lives are touched they will tell the story of how God has changed them.

Rose and I have an opportunity of working with a team in Como and we are looking forward to being part of what the Lord is going to do in that place   the church there. We will be there from 24 July until 3rd August and then we have some time to recuperate in Torre Pellice. I hope to be able to share what is happening in these next 3weeks on the blog and look forward to your comments.


3 thoughts on “The transform tango!!

  1. hi matt. great to see your blog updating again after a brief hiatus 🙂 always good to read what’s happening in italy. hope you’re both having a good time.

  2. Thanks Iain – the problem is there is usually so much happening that I have little time to blog it!! Thanks for the encouragement – keep on pursuing Him and He will find you sooner or later

  3. Hi Matt & Rose. Praying for you in Como. Sounds like you enjoyed your visit from the Galloways. Nice picture of you both doing the tango! Catch up when you return.

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