Was that Rome or did I miss it!!??

Last week I spent 5 HOT days in the eternal city of Rome. It was all a bit of a blur as we moved from seminar to workshop, got up at 6am and got back at 1am to a very stuffy apartment about 30minutes from the conference hotel with its air conditioning and swimming pool which we had little or no chance to use really!

The conference was a great opportunity to be spiritually fed and to be free to worship the Lord in a variety of languages.

The usual Italian organisation – akin to organised chaos but one in which everything ends up happening if not in exactly the way you thought it might.

At the end more than 250 young people going out across the Med to share the Good News of the kingdom cannot be a bad thing. I pray that they will be challenged and the Father will do great things through them.

Following the conference I spent 13 hours in a transit van with 7 young folks from a variety of countries travelling to the Norht of Italy near the Swiss border and eventually arrived at the church we are here to help. It has been a gentle start to the programme but we are encouraged by the young people from the church who wat t be involved and we are amazed at the way the Father is putting opportunities in our path to share our stories of the kingdom.

We know that we are weak (without a doubt this week) but we see Him using us by His power. We pray He will continue to work in us and in this place that it may see His kingdom come here on earth as it is in heaven.

This is our prayer.


One thought on “Was that Rome or did I miss it!!??

  1. Exciting stuff! Shame there was no chance to use the pool, but so glad to hear the the youth are going for it.
    Bless you.xx

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