He’s got the whole world in His hands

Last night we went into the centre of Como to share our message with anyone who would listen and God turned up!

We had conversatins with Italians, Israelis, Algerians, British, Germans and that was only in 1 piazza!! Rose shared with a group of  3 young Israeli men who were just 16 and are touring in Italy for 2 weeks. Along with a young Australian girl who is working in the team and myself we were able to share with them our stories. They had a lot of misinformation  about what Christians do and what they think about Jewish people and we were able to show them love and another view of what they had been taught. One of them has promised to email Rose with some information about what the Jewish scriptures say and other articles which he says tell them that the Bible has been changed. Another of the young men I challenged to read Isaiah 53 and we talked a lot about who Messiah is and what he will bring and then compare that to the story of Jesus in the gospels.

Others had conversations with people here for holidays and some just here for a weekend from over the border in Switzerland.

Last night was a great encouragement as we saw the team beginning to get into a rhythm and take hold of this strange beast which is street evangelism – not everybody’s cup of tea but we all need to engage with what God puts in our path and for this I was really encouraged.

We sow the seed – the Spirit waters – others reap the harvest! And all the glory goes to Him!! Amen!!


One thought on “He’s got the whole world in His hands

  1. great to read your blog tonight matt. what an encouragement. we’ve been telling everyone what a nice spot torre pellice is.
    david & rosie

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