No not Chernobyl – its Cernobbio!!!

We heard our friends in the church in Como say Chernobyl was a great place to go and do some evangelism on the promenade (or Lungolago if you want to speak Italian!) and we looked at each other in amazement – these guys are really keen!! But once again it was an accent thing – it was Cernobbio they were asking us to go to.

So we did – we had an amazing Sicilian style lunch at the home of Anna and after our 3hour lunch of I don’t know how many courses and coffee and cake we set off – but truth be told we just felt like settling down to a nice siesta! Arriving in Cernobbio we decided to take a trip on one of the small boats which cross the lake every day as there were not too many people around. Arriving back 40 minutes later it still looked a bit quiet so we decided to use our resident saxophonist Amy to brighten things up. We set her up playing in a strategic spot where a lot of people would pass by and then we set out in pairs to hand out some literature and chat with whoever we could in whatever language we had in common. So we had conversations in English, Italian and some other languages we could not understand. But what appeared to be a very quiet evening with not many opportunities turned out to be one that was planned by the Lord completely as each of had encounters with people whom we could connect with and share something of the love of the Lord for them.

It just amazed us as we regrouped how God uses us even in our unfaithfulness.

Once again God turned up and we saw people becoming interested in knowing Him more.

We had been prayed for by our lunch hosts before that the seed we plant will not be in vain but will reap a harvest and we trust in our God to do that because He is faithful in every thing.


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