Como – beauty and brokeness…

So our time in Como is finished.

We discovered an astoundingly beautiful city – stunning piazzas, mountains, lake, funicular railway, boat trips and walks along the lungolago – and alongside this we heard stories of broken lives – a young man of 15years from Albania in Italy to get a liver transplant, Gionathan living in a beautiful city but has no work and very little support, homeless people, even rich folks who don’t seem to have any hope.

We met with people in the parks, along the promenade, and in the piazzas – they seem very content at first but when we began to chat with them they opened up their lives to us.

There was young Cipriano, who was going around the promenade asking people for money for his younger brother who he told us has leukemia, and they do  not have enough to pay for the treatment for him. While he was sharing this with Rose, his sister and parents were waiting and we were able to chat with them and the little girl got her arm painted. Rose meanwhile was aware that as she looked into Cipriano’s eyes that he was not telling the truth and she was also aware that he knew that she knew he was not telling the truth. One of the guys from the team shared the gospel with him and I prayed for them as a family. We gave them the love we could and we ask you to continue to pray for them with us that they would be freed from this life of lies and come to know true freedom in the kingdom of God.

We received good support from the church in Como and especially from the young people fo the church. We had very comfortable accommodation (although we were sleeping on the floor) and as you would expect were more than adequately catered for in the food department.

We look forward to going back to work with the church again later this year.


One thought on “Como – beauty and brokeness…

  1. Beauty and brokeness – it’s a good phrase.

    Glad that the accom and food was good, gives you en-er-gy.


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