Forterocca – God is doing a new thing!!

The amazing 4star centre which has been carefully and lovingly built over the past 4years is now beginning anew phase in its young life – God is beginning to bring together sportspeople, artists, prayer warriors, dancers, musicians and He is leading them to this remote corner of Italy where the blood of the Waldensian martyrs has provided fertile soil for the gospel to be once again spread to Italy and beyond.

In these last months we have seen people beginning to contact us about possibilities that God has suggested to them of using Forterocca as a base from which to train and send the gospel to the ends of the earth.

It is truly exciting to sense God at work in this strange little place which most of us had never heard of before coming here and yet which was hugely significant in the spread of the gospel throughout Europe and beyond.

To see artists, musician, sportspeople and other beginning to sense that this is the age when the Lord wants to bring these gifts into the centre of spreading the gospel and begin to see how this could happen before our very eyes is an amazing feeling!  God is moving and we need to move with Him!

Although we lack many things for Forterocca we know that whatever we need He is sufficient to provide – we ask you to pray for these next few months that those who have been gifted by the Lord with finance will begin to catch the vision which God is sketching out and join with Him that the gospel can go to places that have never before heard of the good news of the kingdom and His kingdom will begin to appear before our eyes as these new ways of reaching people with the gospel are developed and resourced.

This post sounds like an advert – well it is!! An advert for the Kingdom of God and how you can be involved –





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