Fast prayer day – oops – Prayer and Fasting Day!

Now that the summer has gone and we begin to slow down enough to recognise that our situation is not exactly what you might call A-OK Captain we realised (albeit a bit late!!) that we should really be stopping as much as we can and just coming to the one who holds all things in His hand. So we took 1day just to be together in prayer and not be distracted by anything at all – and that included food, which of course is a major distraction in Italy!!

Seriously we had 1 day of prayer and fasting as a team and we brought our moans and groans to our Lord, we brought our thanksgiving to him who gives us all things, we brought our questions to Him who has all the answers and at the end we broke our fats with a feast together.

It is not a habit we have been able to develop in the last year on a regular basis but what we experienced today tells us that is is a habit that we need to work on developing.

We know that He heard us as we prayed and we also know that He will answer in the way that we need – although we are not certain that it will be what we expect! We have asked Him for some miracles – because He is the God of miracles!! We have asked to help our unbelief and we know he will aid us. Our situation is not an easy one in many aspects but then as you will know if you have been following the blogs – Mission is not an evening stroll – but it a race worth running right to the end so that we gain the prize which is imperishable.

Keep watching this space if you want hear the answers to our prayers. We are confident not because our prayers are  special but because the one we pray is beyond all others and  wants to pour blessings on His children.

I am waiting on the rain!!


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