Missione – non una passeggiata!! Never a truer word spoken!

There we were thinking that we would be enjoying some good spiritual feeding from Ajith Fernandos and have time to slow down a bit for the first time in about 2months – well it wasn’t quite like that as it turned out!

Indeed we did have some wonderful teaching and what a joy it was to be able to just take it all in without trying to figure out the Italian and to be the first people to respond to his interesting anecdotes instead of being behind the rest of the gathering as we usually are when we need to listen to Italian preachers!

However with 4 sessions each day for 2days it was an intensive conference as we explored the reality of mission in Italy in this generation. Rose and I had the joy of sharing our journey with the Lord from the beginnings of our call to where we are at now – and we were greatly encouraed that so many people came to talk with us after the session. It was a clarion call for many of our generation as to how God is wanting to use those of us with a lifetime behind us but still plenty in front of us to expand His kingdom.

In addition we had another 6 sessions, which I was leading with Rose backing me up and Eliseo (our Italy team leader translating)-  – , that focussed on exploring how mission works out from a biblical perspective and what this means for a local church what is the difference between a ‘Missionary’ church and a ‘Missional’ church – answers on a postcard please and the first correct answer gets a free bed in our home in Torre Pellice for 1week!! (Only the bed mind you – after all we are missionaries!!)

Seriously we enjoyed every minute from 8.30 in the morning until 12 at night when we fell into our wee hotel room after having the joy of encouraging those interested in using the gifts the Lord gave them to extend His kingdom!!!

This was our first experience of representing OM at a major missions conference in Italy and we praise God for the opportunity to be part of what He is doing in the churches here.


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