Meetings meetings and meetings

I know they are needed but don’t you just get fed up with meetings!! As I sat in the 3day Strategic Planning Meeting I looked out the window and saw the sunshine and wished that I could just go for a walk in the green hills and hear the river flowing.

But meetings do give you an opportunity to know what is on people’s hearts and how God is talking to us individually and together. As I listened to the passion in the room for different aspects of the work here in Italy I was filled with joy for how He works in us to bring us together even though the road may be different for each of us He is bringing us all to the same point in His plans.

All that is not to say that at the end of the second day I am not absolutely knackered and my head is like a lump of lead on my shoulders. However I am happy that God is doing big things in this country and He has given me a chance to be aprt of that with a group of amazing (if a bit crazy!) people.


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