Home is where the heart is.

After more than a week back in Bonnie Scotland  it is difficult to tell where my heart lies. In some moments I am so happy to be back among my ain folk while in others I long for my Italian brothers and sisters! I am confused but in a good way – in some respects I feel like I have the privilege of having 2 homes!!

The great privilege of living in a land which is full of passion and potential for the gospel to take hold and set the country on fire on the one hand while also belonging to a country which was once known as the ‘land of the Book’. What a heritage in both places. A valley where the early reformed church was rooted and where the blood of thousands of martyrs over 3centuries still fertilises the earth and a country which teaches me about standing firm on the face of oppression of the state.

So many lessons to learn and so many possibilities for going forward. I am so happy that the Lord has given me the privilege of learning about what it means to stand firm in my faith and I am praying that I too can stand firm in my faith when it comes to the testing. I know as I write these words that I will surely be tested by th Enemy soon but with a huge cloud of witnesses such as have gone before in both places I trust I will not be ashamed to own my Lord.


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