On the downhill slope!

Here we are just over halfway thru our ‘Home ministry’ visit – it hardly seems like yesterday since we stepped off the plane at Edinburgh airport to see Stephen Fairfield’s smiling face greeting us! After a fairly busy 1st week of visiting and speaking at several places we are now heading into the week of more family with a couple of other important meetings. It has been hugely encouraging to receive the questions and interest of those who pray for us and the work we are involved in with OM in Italy. To be able to share some of the blessings which have resulted from transform2010 and some of the other campaigns we have been involved in this year has been genuinely rewarding.

We have been able t be in Scotland for the 85th birthday celebration for Rose’s mum’s with many of her family coming together for the first time in many years. As well as this we have were able to take our lovely grandson Jack to visit the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh and we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon in his company as we celebrated his 7th birthday with him. Such moments are precious and we miss them so it was a real blessing that the Lord gave us to e back in Scotland at just the right moment.

Talking about just at the right moment and how God organises appointments for us – it just so happened that yesterday when I was preaching there was a young Italian at Bellevue and so I had the opportunity to share with him and encourage him to continue searching for God as he works and lives in Scotland for the next months.

So we are encouraged when we see God’s appointments and how He gives us everything we need and more.

Now we begin the count down to our return to Italy and we look forward to this week when we will meet with some of our friends and supporters in Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as sit down with the elders after 2years away and discuss what has happened and where we feel God is leading us for the future. Exciting stuff?? Be sure of it!


2 thoughts on “On the downhill slope!

  1. We’ve seen God do the same for us – arrange timings and meetings. We had really wanted to be in Paris last October, and then at the beginning of this year, and again before the start of school… but we have to agree with you when you say ”Talking about just at the right moment and how God organises appointments for us”, His timing for our move to Paris is perfect.

    Glad it’s all exciting and that you are back in Scotland. We’re not sure when we next be back at the moment 😦

    Love to you both xx

  2. Hey Matt, that was great that an Italian was there to hear the nice things you were saying about the Italian people! He must have felt very welcome 🙂

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