Back in the Valley at last

Well it is almost 2 weeks  since we arrived back in the valley and we have hit the road running again! We have a team of international youngsters who arrived here while we were away and as we arrived back we took up some of the responsibility for their programme. Just 2 days after we returned Eder and Denisse our colleagues from Mexico had to return to the USA due to some visa issues. They had planned to return to Mexico in December as they are expecting a baby and want the birth to be in Mexico, but they found that they had to return early. So as we came back we took some of the ministry responsibility from them for this team. This entailed a bit of training and some hospitality as well as working with them in ministry – so our return has been very busy. In amongst this we had been advised that we would benefit from a Member Care training (which is taking place in Forterocca (OM related conference centre) from 13th until 29th October. At first all the spaces on this course were filled and we could not get a place and then the day we returned I found that they had a cancellation for me and so we agreed that I should do it myself (as it had to be residential even though we live 5km from the Centre!) and then just after I had sent in the required forms we got news that there had been another cancellation and so she could participate as well. It was all a bit sudden but we were told this was a really important course for our personal walk and our life as a couple – so we committed and so here we are –  5days into the course and we  both feel someone has looked into our lives and taken a scalpel to us and put the contents on the table! It is a bit frightening but at the same time we know that it is both necessary and good. As we look at these things we are also studying the character of God and discovering that our views of Him may be somewhat distorted and that when we study what  the scripture says we see that we are in the arms of a just compassionate loving and righteous God and that in all our wayward walk we can be sure that He has our good in mind even when we are going through heartache and trouble.

We would ask you to pray for us as a couple as we encounter our God in a new way and also encounter each other in a new way.


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