A blast from the past!!

At the beginning of this week the OM Italia staff had a visit from the former Field Leader in Italy – Kurt Joste. It was a double joy as he brought with him Gareth & Malou Bolton who work with OM on an itinerant basis. We had the privilege of sharing our home with Gareth and his wife for a couple of nights and also of being encouraged by Gareth in our team devotions on Monday morning when he shared from the book of Genesis where we learnt of God’s original strategy for mission – scatter and bless! It was great to hear his exposition of this principle of mission and also of some of his work. Gareth travels almost constantly evangelising alongside the ship ministry in various countries and also supporting believers in other projects they are involved with in different countries.

On Monday evening we participated in the inaugural prayer meeting in Torino of the Evangelical Alliance in Italy. What a joy to have more than 30 believers from different denominations and churches around Torino together praying for Italy and Torino. Kurt (who is EA Rep for Northern Italy) has initiated at least 3 of these prayer meetings so far and believes that God will use these to bring about change in these cities.

It was a real joy to be part of the first of its type in Torino which was held in the new premises of the Casa della Bibbia (Bible House) which is a Christian bookstore in Italy.

It has been a busy 2 weeks for us since our Face 2 Face course (which I wrote about before) but it has been good. We have received a lot of encouragement from our friends and colleagues around us and God is showing us how to change and walk in the light of His truth.


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