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Falling into winter
Back in the Valley again

We returned from our home ministry to the valley and only to say goodbye to Eder & Denisse who are now expecting a baby boy and have decided to return to Mexico for the time being. They left only 5days after we returned and we pray God will bless them. Rose and I will miss their servant spirit and their friendship but we know this is no surprise to our Lord so we look to Him to provide others who are called to the Valley of the Invincibles!

Transit Team
We also had the pleasure of working with another OM Transit Team who had arrived when we were back home.
They worked in Torre Pellice and had an opportunity to lead an assembly in the local school where they shared why they were here and what they have been doing together. We hope and pray that this has opened a door into the school for us as a team.
The team served 2 churches – 1 in Como (where Rose and I had been in the summer) and the other in Parma where they participated in a youth outreach. They have now moved on to the Balkans and we thank the Lord for their service here in Italy.
‘A time to tear down and a time to build
As we returned to the work (which was immediate!) we realised that we were in need of some time to find a way of working and living which was healthier and so we were encouraged to attend a 16day OM process called ‘Face 2 Face’. Amazingly this was taking place in Forterocca (the OM Italia centre) and even more amazingly we were able to get 2 places on it as 2 people cancelled at the last moment. We have just returned from here and it has truly been a time to tear down and a time to build up as we have been challenged by what we truly believe about our God and what He says about us. The Lord has exposed the lies that we have believed about ourselves and revealed the truth that His word tells us. This time has been spent away from any ‘ministry’ tasks and we know that the Lord has spoken to our hearts in a new and deep way. We are truly grateful as a couple that we have been given this blessing.
New Frontiers
Rose has been appointed Local Ministries Coordinator and will be developing several projects in the coming months – English language classes, Ministering in Retiral Homes, a centre for people with learning disability, a Young Mums group and possibly more to come. She will be focussing primarily locally while I will be focussing nationally in church contacts etc. Our division of time will be probably 65/35% to our specific focus area. A part of the development of the ministry will be utilising Forterocca as a Training & Ministry Centre. We have a magnificent facility in a rich spiritual setting which the Lord will use for His glory.
What about us?
Well, after our Face 2 Face course we are quite exhausted emotionally, but challenged spiritually and trusting more in holding on to Him who loves us. We are dealing with further changes in the team and the consequent increase in workload so please pray for
-our health
-our marriage
-our ministry
-our team
And think about coming to see us!!


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