Running out of fuel

As the winter comes with its dark days and long nights I find myself getting weary faster. Maybe I am just getting old and grumpy – well probably I am getting old and grumpy – for sure according to mywife – and she knows best you know:)!

I get annoyed with myself as I don’t find the energy to do what I would like to do as quickly as I used to just a few weeks ago even. It is strange that this change in light has this dramatic effect on our lives but it does seem to have. I know all you scientists out there will give me all kinds of reasons behind this phenomenon (SAD etc) but it is still strange anyway!!

One of the saving graces of living this far south (although in Italy this almost as far north as you get) is that when the sun does decide to make an appearance is actually warm – not just an appearance of warm but really warm! How wonderful this is and it does make some difference even when te mean temperature is around -2-4C you can walk in the sunshine and feel warmed.

So thank the Lord for the sunshine and for winter only being a small part of the cycle of the year.


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