First the snow – then the flood!!

As I have been looking at the pictures of the snow in Scotland and wondering if the world has turned upside down because we have less snow here in the vicinity of the Alps, I crossed the river in our little town and saw that what little snow had been, had obviously melted and was now making the river much higher. The force of the flood in this valley is one to be reckoned with as some people know to their cost. Several years ago they had a very high springtime flood and a lot of damage was done and even a house was completely washed away.


As I wrote in my last blog about the situation of Forterocca in these days being crucial I got to thinking that maybe I can learn some lessons from this winter cycle. When the snow is here we are in great difficulty, especially when we are in the high mountains, and often we can be isolated and  even be in danger of dying because maybe we are cut off or we don’t have enough food and supplies. However eventually the snows melt and the floods come rushing down with huge force into the valleys below. If this force is harnessed and channelled it will be of great use to the community for producing energy, food etc, if it is not it will be destructive.

I was thinking that in many ways at the moment Forterocca and even OM Italia are in a winter – we have been reduced in our numbers greatly in these months past, we continue to have dificulties in relation to documentation for many who want to work with us from outside Europe, our team is still forming into a unit, … there are many things which make us feel a bit ‘frozen’ in what we are doing here in the valley. However just in the past few weeks we have begun to see some trickles of the flood in the work here – signs that the Lord is doing something new here in the Valley of the Invincibles – the name given to the Waldensians who stood against the Roman Church and its armies.

Like the picture here of the icicles – something is coming from the frost and ice and snow! The development of our presence in this community which holds the key to new Reformation is beginning to become more apparent to us. One of the churches here has shown the glimmerings of awakening to the moving of the Spirit and an awareness that the harvest is plentiful and the Lord is calling workers to the fields.

Now this may sound a lot like a missionary trying to spiritualise something that is just a force of nature but I am not given to waxing to lyrical often – however in these times and in this situation the Lord is saying something and the flood of the Spirit is coming! When it comes it will come with the same force as that flood comes from the Alps above us and it will take everything in its path.

Here is the challenge – to hold on through the winter snow and frost and watch for the small signs that the thaw and the flood is coming. To eat meagre supplies and trust in the Lord for all our needs each day because the Day of His abundance will come and rivers of living water will flow in this valley out into the rest of Italy.




The other challenge as you read this is – what about you? Is the Lord talking to you about working in His harvest? Is the Lord calling you to Italy to be part of the New Reformation? No matter what your passion in life is, no matter what your stage in life is, no matter even the state of your health is, He has a role for you in His work – as He says in Revelation – …Let him who has ears to hear, hear’


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