Christmas in the Alps

Our second Christmas spent in Italy was a busy but ejoyable timeHo ho ho!! spent with a mixture of locals and our OM colleagues. The first time we spent Christmas in Italy we had only been in the country for 3months and we had a wonderful time with fellow strugglers in the Italian language and culture as well singing carols with our landlady and her family. This time was bit different but just as much fun.

After a time of singing and prayer in the local brethren church in Torre Pellice on Christmas Eve, we went out into the town and sang carols with our 2 American  colleagues and a couple from  the church. We visited one of the local pubs which is run by a guy who is an ex-French foreign legionnaire. We sang a couple of carols in English and a couple in Italian and received a loud round of applause from those in the bar and the offer of a free drink (which we refused!!) from the owner. Of course the reason we refused was that we had sill some more carolling to do.

#We moved on from the bar to a piazza in front of the local Roman catholic church where we arrived just in time for people exiting the church after the Midnight Mass. In the piazza the locals were celebrating by dringking Vin Brulee (sort of mulled wine) and hot chocolate. We enetertained them with 3 or 4 carols and they showed much appreciation and of course offered us some Vin Brulee – which we accepted gratefuly as it was a wee bit chilly at 12.30 in the evening.


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