Controversy in the evangelical world – now ther’s a novelty :)

Great controversy is happening the evangelical world over the upcoming book by Rob Bell -‘Love wins – A book about heaven and hell and the fate of everyone who ever lived’. It is not yet published and already the different views of the author and his theology are being thrown around. I find this amazing especially from those of us who say we believe in the words of Jesus. Let us at least wait until the book is read before we judge on the basis of a 3minute promo from the publishes – which is obviously meant to appear controversial – after all that’s what sells books!!

However I came across a quote from Eugene Petersen (one of the most respected theologians of our era) which says this about the book :

“In the current religious climate in America, it isn’t easy to develop an imagination, a thoroughly biblical imagination, that takes in the comprehensive and eternal work of Christ in all people and all circumstances in love and for salvation. Rob Bell goes a long way in helping us acquire just such an imagination. Love Wins accomplishes this without a trace of soft sentimentality and without compromising an inch of evangelical conviction in its proclamation of the good news that is most truly for all.” – Eugene H. Peterson, Professor Emeritus of Spiritual Theology, Regent College, and author of The Message and The Pastor

Let’s read it and examine what it says in the light of the whole of scripture – just as scripture itself tells us to do.


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