Just life I guess!!

Here I am in Cannes having a break with my lovely wife in (mostly) sun andit should be brilliant. Most of the week it has been and we have been blessed with a good share of sun. We have relaxed and had some fun – the first time in a long while really but then my joy just got stolen and I am trying to keep on going. These times seem to come from nowhere and I wonder just what I have learnt in these 56 years…very often I think – not a lot. The same things which tripped  me up when I was 6 seem to be able to trip me up at 56!!

What a strange game this life is and how easy I am fooled into thinking that things will go smoothly. Perhaps I am writing this at the wrong time but I need to do something with these feelings and this seemed a good idea – maybe I will regret it but it seems right just now so I am going with it. this will not inspire anyone and it is not mean at to but I trust it will let you realise if you have not already that life is not a walk in the park and indeed is more of a mountain trek with weights tied to your legs. Mine seem to be very heavy just now but I am still struggling on and although slowed and tired I am at least not sliding down the mountain. I wish I could end on a high note to say that I looked up and everything was put in a different light but I am not able to at the moment and so I leave you here hoping and praying that your day is not like this and that you are striding on in this life towards the goal.


5 thoughts on “Just life I guess!!

  1. Hi Matthew, thanks for posting on your blog, it’s great to hear what you and Rose are doing. Sorry you are having a difficult time at the moment. I don’t know what has stolen your joy, but I hope you soon find it again. Hope the rest of your holiday is good, and all the best with your work in Italy, especially in the run up to Easter.
    John 16:22

    1. Hi Anne thanks for your encouragement. Indeed it has returned and of course it was always there I just couldn’t see it for the dark clouds that were gathering around me. But the Son is always there for us. Amen

  2. Matt, things must be very hard if you are feeling inclined to write about it. I guess I speak for a lot of people when I say I hope things change soon….and I’m sure they will!!

  3. Thanks Iain yep it was a rough afternoon and I needed to do something to not get caught for a long time. Hope you are good and thanks for thinking about me. Bless you Iain

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