OM – Operation Mobilisation – or is that Operation Moving!!

It has been a while since I posted anything here so I wanted to let you know what has been happening here with us. When we joined OM we thought it meant Operation Mobilisation but I think since coming here I have been involved in (at least) 5 or 6 house moves – and that is not counting our own. These last 5-6weeks we have been trying to move our office from here in Torre Pellice to our centre at ForteRocca (about 15minutes further up the road).

Our new office

The moving of an office is no small thing and I am now beginning to appreciate that age does not come by itself. Lifting and moving heavy furniture up and down stairs is  not quite as easy as it used to be. Of course the move is something we knew was coming but as in most things oin Italy planning was ‘very loose’. With our lack of vehicles equipped for moving large items of furniture (including washing machines, cookers, tables, desks etc it has been a very drawn out process. Of course part of the reason for this is that the work of OM Italia was not standing still while we did this – so as well as these things we were often travelling to Torino (2hours there and back) of an evening for meetings with churches and pastors there. One day in particular springs to mind in this period where we started the morning at 8.30 with devotions and then we dismantled and moved many very heavy pieces of furniture all day, we met with some local people in the late afternoon, had enough time for a shower and change of clothes and we went to Torino for a meeting which was to begin at 9 (IT – Italian Time). So we arrived at 8.50 to find around 40-50 Italian pastors and elders from 27 churches greeting each other. We went through the courtesies of greeting and introducing ourselves to those we did not know and the meeting began – at 9.50!! We praised the Lord in song and prayer for 20minutes (IT) and then one of the brothers was asked to give a ‘short’ reflection of 15minutes or so.

His introduction was this ‘ what can you say in 15minutes’ – so 45minutes later he finished and we prayed together again. We began the business end of the meeting around 10.50 or so and after some interesting discussion the meeting decided that it would be better to appoint  committee to work out the details of an outreach they were planning – so the meeting eventually finished around 11.55ish and then the host pastor announced that there was also something to eat and drink in the adjacent room!! Wonderful – Italian food – always good and of course it would be rude not to accept hospitality from your host SO… off we went. Great food – wonderful conversations and connections and we arrived back at 12.55 to get some rest before the next days start at 7.30.

Just 1 day in among many similar. So for the past month and a half we have been running on very empty tanks – thank the Lord for His provision in amongst all that of a 6day break for us by the sea. A wonderful time which refreshed for coming back to a constant challenge of physical tasks, spiritual battles, emotional turmoil and sheer physical tiredness. In all this we see God’s hand as He provides for all the needs we have in ways we could not have imagined.

Home sweet home 🙂

So now that the move is almost made and things will become somewhat ‘normal’ (if there is such a thing) we are looking forward to a visit from home. Joy to hear someone speak to me in a language that nobody else can understand – puredeidbrilliant anthat!!


2 thoughts on “OM – Operation Mobilisation – or is that Operation Moving!!

  1. Good morning Matt & Rose. I’m shattered just reading your email! The family are all here today to watch ‘the wedding’ so I’m going to catch up in the garden. Hope you both are well. You are always in our prayers.

    1. Thaks John. Hope you enjoyed getting the garden done and had a wee party for the wedding. Just really looking forward to Paul and Rachel coming!!

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